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Cry's Intro
I'm gonna call first again.

Deja vu. I'm Cry, and my new IGN is Cryordial as opposed to Beyondhellvalley. Just changed that today, in fact. I'm the administrative hammer in the trinity of high-ranking PhoenixMC staff, as well as the Staff Manager and the Build Team lead. I take pride in my ridiculous adhesion to the rules, and also in my really compact and awful builds. I'm also fond of irony and apathy. I'm very into justice, but I like to think I'm fair about what I do. alberts1boy and CreepersplaysMC trust me to do my job, so you shouldn't have any reason not to.

I'm eighteen and in college, and I love playing my guitar and singing. I have three cats, named Cookie, Dibbles, and Luna, and I love them all. If I'm not on the server much in a month or two, college would be why. In my spare time I write short stories, play with my three cats, and try not to get everyone to hate me because of my job on a Minecraft server. I love chicken curry and 70's Funk. If you ever have any questions about anything or even just want to talk, feel free to message me on Discord. I'm always down to talk, and lately, I can't sleep, so I'm online a lot. Don't be shy.

All that being said, most of you already know me, so I'll end it here.

We'll be seeing more of each other soon.

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