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Buyable Town Plots
Hi guys! SkyGod here!

   Some people love to have a ton of people in their town, which is an awesome thing, some people like to roll more lone wolf style (myself included). The server should have a set number (25 for example) plots that you can buy using in game currency, either all at the same cost or of increasing cost the more you buy. This way people with smaller towns that dont want alot of people arent so limited!  Smile
[img][Image: sw378j.gif][/img]
This is definitely a thing we have been talking about adding. We're just not sure how to implement them yet. They were for a very short amount of time available on our online store but we made the choice to remove them from there.
Aweosome! thanks for the quick response!
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The quick response was coincidence considering I was at school and just happen to see your message. But yeah, we will definitely look into this.
i second that motion, as towny already has it built in

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