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Denied Staff Application
Your Username: MineTwistYT

Your Timezone: Pacific Standard Time

My age: 21 Years old

What is your discord username? MineTwist

Are you currently in the PhoenixMC Discord server? Yes i am currently in the PhoenixMC discord server

Do you have any previous experience?: Yes, i owned and ran a successful Towny server called The Crawling Chaos, i unfortunately was kicked from their team due to the owner wanting to remove his entire staff team for unknown reasons

Why do you want to be a staff member?: i like helping other players with towny and enjoy playing towny for my own channel

Why should we choose you over somebody else?: i have past experience in towny and i know a lot of its backend admin commands, also i make youtube videos and that can help the server gain more players

Have you ever been banned before?: Not on this server but i have been banned on others for various reasons

How active are you?: i am pretty active, i do have 2 jobs, 1 at night and one during the day, i usually play after 11PM PST 

Is there anything else we should know? (Fun Facts): i am a professional DJ/ Lead Supervisor for an international Entertainment company called New World Entertainment, I am also a Youtuber MineTwist, i am certified in advanced Graphic design and Cinematography, i also know how to develop websites professionally

I thank you for your time in looking into my applicatiuon i look forward to hearing your reply ~ MineTwistYT
This isn't an official review of your application, but at a glance I suggest you add more detail over all. While it's a good application, there's always room for improvement. We want to know why you want to be staff here and here specifically. Why were you banned, etc. We'll actually process the application later. Right now staff to player ratio is good. So impress us.

~Creeper, project lead and system admin.
do i make a new application?
or do i comment on this one?
(01-12-2018, 06:11 AM)MineTwistYT Wrote: do i make a new application?
or do i comment on this one?

You can edit this application using the edit button at the bottom of your post. Please let me know if this button is not available to you.

PhoenixMC -- Project Lead & System Administrator
Server Contact Email:
Been awaiting your edits since you said you knew exactly what to add.
Your application has been denied. Thank you for applying to PhoenixMC.
Just a general statement from me.
Perhaps you should pay more attention to your application, we told you to update it and you have not been online since you posted your application. Better luck next time.
Creeper PhoenixMC Project Lead.

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