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Hello people of Phoenix. I'm AJ (IGN:WeNeedCommunis)

In case you are wondering this will have nothing about my private life outside of Minecraft.

I'm basically the walking meme about communism. I one night at roughly 1AM decided to change my name and forgot the m in communism. Now I'm stuck like this for a month. Thanks Mojang! There isn't much to know about me except for the fact that I came from the same server Creeper did before this server went up. I was in the beta so I guess that's cool too.

I have a lot of free time most days so I grind out levels and get really op gear that sometimes make the game less fun for me. I generally don't even really have much fun playing the actual game. The biggest perk of playing on Minecraft to me is knowing that no matter what I will always have a community to have a nice conversation with. Sometimes however in the private parts of a town chat it get's toxic but that's half the fun. Don't worry though we in my friends group don't talk bad about people behind their back. We mostly talk bad about each other.

Also never think that we don't get along on my part unless I tell you personally we aren't friends as I pride myself in being able to get over almost anything that happens to me the first few times. If you see me in game say hi and if you need something I'll try my hardest to help you get it done. However the last thing that I really want you to know is that I don't want you to ask for handouts. It makes me think "well they don't care enough to try themselves." I am always willing to HELP someone to the best of my ability but I will never do 100% of the work. I won't even do 10% if you refuse to help yourself.

Sorry if this hurts to read. I tried to format it the best I could.

As always have a great day on phoenix.
~AJ (WeNeedCommunis)

Stolen from my other introduction due to the untimely change of forums.
Intentionally changed the forums just to make you repost.
Show me de wae.

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