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Staff Application
My age: I am 15, going on 16

What is your discord username? Delila#0510

Are you currently in the PhoenixMC Discord server?
Yes, I am. I don’t talk a whole lot but I do try to be active. I’m usually set to invisible.

Do you have any previous experience?:

I have two previous experiences, one in co-ownership and one in lower ranks. My co-ownership experience occurred within my very own barebones server. Daft, the other owner, and I built it one night to use mod packs together. Of course, we went beyond this and began to play just regular minecraft. Slowly, the server expanded and we gained more players. We really didn’t have a good system setup, so we just had people with admin abilities, no SS and no co I, as all that was done by daft in the console and I never learned how to use the console computer commands. It died due to Daft’s incompetence to take care of the server.
My second staff experience, well that was when I worked with Flame’s staff team. I was a helper, I’m not sure if I was going to be promoted or not, as Flame died a month or so after I was signed onto the staff team and the whole lot of us were forcefully resigned with the death of Flame. It was on Flame I learned how to use SS, and a majority of the /co commands that I had access to as a Helper. I have to thank Flame for giving me an updated experience for future positions as a staff member, as I’m not sure how well other servers would handle my learning curve... 

Why do you want to be a staff member?:
I want to be staff team to help Phoenix. I love it, with my heart and my soul. It’s become a home because honestly, I love most of the people who play on Phoenix. I want to keep them from harm and I want to be able to help them to the best of my abilities. When something is wrong, staff is always there to catch it, and I acknowledge that. I want to be able to help as much as I can
I want to be able to support this server any way I can. I want to be able to serve justice to the ones who cause issues. Less of a headache for management and the small staff on the server who can’t always be on to deal with the things that happen.  The server staff team is small and stretched thin as it is. I want to be able to help them too, as I know it’s difficult when there’s not enough people for the player base. It’s rough and it’s hard on staff, and it’s hard on players who have issues that need to be taken care of Pronto.

Why should we choose you over somebody else?:

Why should you choose me over someone else? Well, I try not to break any rules, if I do, it’s probably because I used caps or swears outside of NC/TC. I’ve been here since Beta and I’ve already gotten to know the staff here. I’d donate if I could. I most definitely don’t disobey staff, I like being here and I honestly would hate to get banned for doing something stupid like not listening or breaking rules that shouldn’t be broken. I try my best to be gracious, and kind and friendly, I remind new people to read the rules, but I can draw the line when need be, I can crack down and be strict when need be. I am fiercely loyal and never will I do something cause grief to management.

Have you ever been banned before?: No, I’m a good child and I follow rules 

How active are you?: I’m on everyday, permitting something strange or unexpected hasn’t happened or permit that I’m traveling.

Is there anything else we should know? (Fun Facts):
 I have Aniexty that can flare up when people get aggressive or start to pick fights, so there is a chance that I may need help if such a situation arises. I also have honors classes and have afterschool things that I need to attend to on occasion, so I may be a little late in coming on during a particular day, be it homework or my after school things.
Much better than the last one you made. Good luck.

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