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Towny Rollbacks
Your username:WeNeedCommunis
Description: Turn off towny rollback on dead towns. Part of the fun some of us have with towny is looting towns that die. It also would allow people to just reclaim their town if they log back on and reclaim their town. It would possibly also keep people playing since they wouldn't have to restart which some people do not enjoy having to do. For an example using myself. I have a ton of saved up armor tools blocks of ingots and enchant books. Over the days I've played on the server I've acquired a ton of stuff and if I logged back on and lost all of it due to not being on for a few days and not having money in the town I'd probably quit. If I however could log on and just reclaim it I'd be happy. It would also possibly make people play more due to being able to loot a town and get a ton of armor if they found my town for example. I personally think it could work both ways. I thank you for your time. 
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If you do choose to turn it off I do believe the command is /tw toggle revertunclaim

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